Aust-China Migration Services has helped many people migrate to Australia for:

  • Student visas for education
  • Permanent residence in Australia
  • Skilled employment
  • Business activities

We can help maximise the prospect of a successful migration application to Australia. We can also help you with employment and help your family members.

  • Lodgement of applications with the Australian Government
  • Advise on education opportunities
  • Provide legal help in the case of visa cancellation
  • Provide you with help in choosing accommodation and where to settle in Australia

What We Do

Aust-China Migration Services - facilitating global people movement, cross cultural experiences and changes.

Expert migration legal advice and assistance is given in all visa categories, including challenges to Visa Cancellation and pathways leading to Employer Sponsorship and Permanent Residence.

Tony Hinz & Associates Immigration Lawyers are proud Members of the Immigration Lawyers Association of Australia.


Tony Hinz & Associates Immigration Lawyers, Melbourne, is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and has been providing quality legal solutions for over 20 years. We are also proud Members of the Immigration Lawyers Association of Australia.

Migration Agent Member MARN 0214219 of the Australian Agent Alliance


Registered Office

Migration Services
Migration Agent Registered since 2001
MARA regulated registered number - MARN 0214219
Ph: +61 3 9670 7978
Level 6, 250 Queen St.

We can assist you with study and Health Cover

Study in Australia

TAFE to Uni pathway - Find out why over 500,000 international student come to Australia each year from more than 200 countries – world-wide.

Give yourself a fantastic international experience and return with a global education and in-demand skills!

Student Visa Health Cover

Obtain your Student Visa Health Cover the Easy Way - we can obtain your OSHC for you.

Arrange your Health Insurance for you visit with us and avoid waiting and delay! Just to let you know, we can save you some time and inconvenience.

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