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About Us

Aust-China Migration Services has been successfully assisting Clients in immigration matters for over 20 years. Aust-China Migration Services is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The aim of ACMS is to provide superior migration services and assist our clients in any way possible:

  • We have contacts who are able to help you settle in Australia
  • We have a good understanding of how to get things done
  • We are aware of business opportunities in Australia

We can offer information and help on:

  • the best schools for your children
  • real estate and investments
  • banking

At all times we will act in your best interests throughout your application, increasing you chances of a good outcome.

We do not disclose or sell your personal details to unauthorized third parties, see the ACMS Privacy Policy

At ACMS, it is an achievement to assist honest, qualified people to migrate to Australia.

Contact us today to find out ACMS can help you!

Aust-China Migration Services

Business, Family, Student, Employer Sponsorship, Visitor, Spouse and Partner sponsored visas

Legal Assistance with your Visa Applications

If you have legal problems or need legal help, Tony Hinz can assist you with your application.

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