Aust-China Migration

E-Visa Applications

Contact us and save time and money with an on-line visa application.

  • No need for you to investigate for visa requirements - we do this for you
  • No travel to visa office and agency
  • No need to make appointment
  • No waiting time in line to apply for your visa
  • No time spent collecting your issued visa
  • Don’t risk making a mistake providing incomplete information and losing the government visa charge

We are a registered Immi Account user with the Department of Home Affairs to submit on line visa applications to Australia.

We are experienced in understanding the requirements in lodging online and in negotiating definitional concepts which may be confusing, such as 'non- migrating family members'.

Australian Student Visa Applications

Aust-China Migration Services can assist you with enrolment and application for student visas to study in Australia.

Legal Assistance with your Visa Applications

If you have legal problems or need legal help, Tony Hinz can assist you with your application.

Student Visa Health Cover with Bupa

Obtain your Student Visa Health Cover the Easy Way - we can obtain your OSHC for you.