Aust-China Migration

Our Migration Services

Business -

Short or multiple visits - investigations of business environment and opportunities investment - establishment of enterprise and operation - qualifying criteria - temporary stay - leading to permanent residence categories

Family -

All categories

Student -

Secondary school to VCE level (private and government schools) Private College and Diploma Courses, Vocational and TAFE , all Australian University courses to post graduate - skilled graduate

Employer Sponsorship -

Temporary and long stay visa for workers to permanent residence

Visitor -

Tourism, family sponsored, groups, delegations and conferences, special family occasions

Spouse and Partner sponsored visas -

Offshore and onshore from first temporary to second stage permanent

Citizenship -

Change of status advice and assistance

We give sound guidance on the most appropriate Australian visa for your circumstances

Our services include:

  • Handling your visa application from beginning until a decision is made
  • Full migration advice and support
  • Assisting you with documentation of claims and evidence to support your application
  • The preparation of supporting arguments and written submissions
  • Contacting the Department of Home Affairs
  • All necessary correspondence to and between Department of Home Affairs

Assessment of lodged applications

  • We can appraise or review the completeness of a lodged visa application in the Department of Home Affairs system
  • We can offer a second opinion as to the strength of an existing application
  • We can indicate the likelihood of the prospects of success indicated by another migration agent.

Attendance at the AAT and Departmental Interviews

Visa applicants on their own are quite often unfamiliar with the process taking place, their entitlements and what can happen and are therefore at disadvantage when questioned by the Department or when being interviewed by Officers of the Department or in attending the Administrative Appeals Tribunal seeking to set aside a decision by the Department to refuse or cancel a visa.

We can improve your chances of a successful outcome by ensuring that you are properly advised and represented and that all matters which are relevant to the decision which is to be made are put to the decision maker on your behalf.

We can represent you at a Tribunal Hearing or at a Departmental interview.

Australian Student Visa Applications

Aust-China Migration Services can assist you with enrolment and application for student visas to study in Australia.

Legal Assistance with your Visa Applications

If you have legal problems or need legal help, Tony Hinz can assist you with your application.

Student Visa Health Cover with Bupa

Obtain your Student Visa Health Cover the Easy Way - we can obtain your OSHC for you.