Aust-China Migration

Migrating to Australia

Australia has a long history of migration and has built a vibrant society. The population has been steadily increasing for over 200 years.

Chinese migrants first arrived for the 'gold rush' in the 1850s and have settled here since then, working in all forms of business and government. In Victoria, the former Lord Mayor of Melbourne, John So (son of Chinese immigrants) has become very a popular for his hard working and different style of leadership.

About 25 million live in Australia and it has a large area of 7,682,300km2. The Australian Government is keen to allow good and talented people from all over the world to live and build towards making this successful nation even better.

Australia has a competitive and productive workforce, the country is rich in natural resources and are world leaders in areas such as agriculture, wine making, manufacturing and technology.

Australia has a lot to offer to immigrants:

  • Fabulous weather
  • Friendly people
  • Fresh air and clear skies
  • Fun-loving, multicultural society
  • Excellent universities and schools
  • Wonderful place to raise a family
  • Political stability
  • Outdoor lifestyle and plenty of sports
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Uncluttered countryside
  • Technological advanced

Business Migration

Australia's Business Skills migration program needs to attract business people - business owners, senior executives, investors.

Skilled Migration

Australia needs skilled migrants who can bring experience and business or trade skills to help build new and existing business and industries.