Aust-China Migration

Permanent Resident Visa Applications

Permanent Resident Visas are available to people who would like to live in Australia. PR is available to:

  • Those who have experience and skills that are in demand in Australia
  • People who would like to start a business that is of national benefit
  • Have a family member who is an Australian citizen

Experienced and skilled applicants need to pass a points test:

  • You have the ability to speak English
  • You have experience that Australia needs
  • Your partner has experience that Australia needs
  • You are sponsored by a family member who is an Australian citizen
  • You have a job offer in Australia

To find out about more about your PR application, please register with Aust-China Migration Services.

Student Visa Applications

ACMS can assist you with enrolment and application for student visas to study in Australia.

Migrating to Australia

Australia has a long history of migration and has built a vibrant society. For over 200 years, people have migrated to Australia.