Aust-China Migration

Skilled Migration

Australia is a big country with a small population and needs skilled migrants who can bring experience and business or trade skills to help build new or existing business and industries.

Permanent Resident Visas are available to people who would like to live in Australia. PR is available to:

Those who have experience and skills that are in demand in Australia

Experienced and skilled applicants may need:

  • The ability to speak English
  • Experience that Australia needs
  • A job offer in Australia
  • Interest in regional or country areas

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Business Migration

Australia's Business Skills migration program needs to attract business people - business owners, senior executives, investors.

Migrating to Australia

Australia has a long history of migration and has built a vibrant society. The population has been steadily increasing for over 200 years.

Migration Resources and Downloads

Things you need to know about Australia, information to download and links to web sites